I’m not really a fan of this kind of music (unless I’m off my face and swaying with my eyes closed).

But this song really gets to me.

I love this song and M83. Kinda think they are becoming one of ‘those bands’ though.

And I’m getting a bit sick of the over use of slow mo in music videos.

I’m sorry but this song an Nicki Minaj are just awesome.

I’ve seriously mostly been listening to the soundtracks from games this week. Obviously the music from final fantasy is up there but since getting assassins creed I have gained a love for it and the music too

Strings. You always get me. God damn you and your goosebump forming talents.

Elliot Smith - Wouldn’t mama be proud. 

He was a massive emo but I fucking love his music.

I can’t help it.
I bloody love New Found Glory.

Always gives me goosebumps when it comes to 3.05… literally.

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