Local natives - three months

Beautiful. Calming  in a busy hospital.


(Source: Spotify)

 The Shadowlands - Ryan Adams.

Its so nice to rediscover long forgotten music and get a shiver for the memories.

(Source: Spotify)

The fresh & onlys - waterfall. 


Love is very fucking messy. 

This song is groovy. Only word that truly describes the vibes. I’m bouncing around my chair listening to it. 

Love this band and I LOVE their choice of film quotes. 

This song gives me goosebumps. So good to wake up to. 

'Its like boom townnnn'

I know thats now the lyrics but it really does sound like it.
This song is just awesome. Still at work but dancing around to it. Oh yeahhh. 

Seriously fucking amazing line up tonight. 
I haven’t been to a hardcore gig for SO long and I’m so excited.  

Love this song. Love what its about. Tru dat. Tru dat. 

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